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Committed to increasing choices for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities nationwide.

Daniela Koci brings more than 6 years of experience in supportive programming for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Throughout her career, Daniela has acquired extensive knowledge of the field, ranging from person-center programs, building inclusive communities, handling the challenges of compliance with state and federal regulation, and adapting programs to meet the changing needs of aging individuals with I/DD. In a field constantly challenged internally, such as through staff shortages and a lack of adequate training for support staff, to external factors affecting methods of operations, Ms. Koci has continuously sought solutions to increase choice and develop inclusive communities.

Ms. Koci brings a wealth of knowledge specific to the development of a planned residential community to provide affordable and supportive housing for individuals with I/DD through her role in developing Loveland Village.  Her extensive knowledge of public policy (state and federal), national trends, and experience in operations can help any organization looking to develop solutions that address the shortage of supportive housing nationwide for adults with I/DD.


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